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What is the game about?

Vigilance 2099 is about an ex fed that finds themselves at the bottom of a crime filled city taking any bounty jobs that come their way so that they can use their skills from the force to hunt down and kill/capture bounties for rewards. They think that they will find some answers by climbing up the criminal ladder and making deals with different mega corporations.

How many people are working on Vigilance?

We are currently a small team of 3.

What stage of development is Vigilance in?

It is currently in the late prototype stages

Will this be on kickstarter or Published?

We are talking to many different publishers but have also been working towards setting up a kickstarter so we can get the public more involved with the development of Vigilance 2099.

Is the game open world?

The game will be decently sized open world. The city will be split into 3 distinct sections stacking on top one another. The wealthiest at the top, middle class at the middle section and the most unfortunate at the bottom. We want to avoid having a large world just for the sake of it, making ground level of each sector feel tight yet content filled is our main goal.

What features will be in the game?

We don't want to over promise anything as we know what that could cause, especially since we are so early in development. However currently a feature list is as follows.

Driving - Air Models or ground vehicles



slight hand to hand combat (takedowns, counters)

Interrogations - NPC's and bounties


Negotiation - Deals with bounties to accept alternate rewards to let them go


Stand out feature being worked on is what we call, the Outlaw system. It is similar to the Nemesis system seen in the shadow of Mordor/war games. It will allow bounty targets that the player has escaped to remember and have upgrades when the player seeks out that bounty again.
However, like i said, we don't want to overpromise.


Currently a basic version of every feature other than the Outlaw system is in the prototype and being worked on.

What engine is it being made on?


It is being made on the Unreal engine 4. We also have a version being tested on the UE5.

Is it single player or multiplayer?

The game will be single player at the moment...

Will this game have customisation?

Yes, the game will have customisation for the player and vehicles

What platforms will the game be on?

Too soon to say but we aim to have it available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Any release date in mind?

We have one in mind but not to be said publicly. We as the devs just have to work towards it and when we are absolutely confident the game is playable and smooth as silk, we will announce a release date.

What are your next steps?

We are actively working on finishing up and polishing the prototype. We are working on a website, mailing list and a kickstarter page just incase we fully decide to go that route.

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